We were fond of passion and greed of creating awesomeness in whatever we do. And that helps us grow rapidly over time and establish a well settled platform for helping our clients to make their business run better. We develop innovative applications for our clients to better compete in the global marketplace. Whether you’re a corporation, web development firm, advertising agency, or outsourcing a project, we work in all capacities to provide integrated solutions with exceptional interactive content for both online and offline.
We aims to maintain long term relationships with clients – it provides complete after sale support like, training to the staff on how to use the technology, training to their customers, updating and maintenance of website and applications and stay with our clients at every stage when they need our services.
UniTech Solutions USA established in the year 2005. As the name indicates UniTech Solutions is Universal Technological Solutions for all. We will accurately estimate realistic schedules for systems development and implementation. We can undertake projects as fixed price contracts or on a time and materials basis.
UniTech Solutions USA is a UNITED STATES based company that has many years’ experience and offices around the globe.

Our Main Services are
1. UniTech Computer Solutions
2. UniTech Security Solutions
3. UniTech Web Solutions
4. UniTech Network Solutions
5. UniTech Printing Solutions
6. UniTech Tourism Solutions
7. UniTech HD Video & Photo Solutions
8. UniTech Shopping Solutions
We have a large client base which spans both Industrial and Public Service sectors; we pride ourselves on our long-standing relationships with our clients.
We appreciate you all visiting our website; it’s our policy to insure our customers complete satisfaction.
We look forward to a long and dynamic working relationship. If you need assistance in any of our products or services, please visit our contact us. Thank You.

Customer Data & Data Loss
UniTech Solutions USA recommends regular backup of data. In cases where a hard drive failure is detected,the hard drive will be replaced with listed service charges with or without backing up the data. Customer data stored on the defective hard drive will be lost if the hard drive is replaced.
Data Loss:
The customer is responsible for the security, backup & reinstallation of their data at all times. UniTech Solutions USA accepts no liability for loss of software and data.