The following document outlines the scope and limitation of support for each product that we offer. Because web hosting service by nature relies on a combination of customer supplied client software and third-party products it is important to define what is supported by our company and what is the responsibility of the customer and/or third-party software vendors.
It is important for our customers to understand that when we initially deliver a hosting service it has been pre-tested to be in 100% working condition. In our years of hosting experience we have determined that most customer issues are usually a result of incompatibilities and configuration changes that are not compatible with our services.
Whenever possible, we make every effort to support our customers. We have a large knowledge base that should address the most common issues that are directly supported. We encourage our customers to use this resource to find support, but also to become more familiar with our services and the extent of our support.
Note: Support statement does not cover virtual private servers and dedicated servers. For specifics on these services, please contact support.

Business Support Service Features
UniTech Solutions USA business Support Service incorporates the following support services plus a repair service if necessary:
24x7 Comprehensive On-line Support –UniTech Solutions USA’s standard support website provides on-line assistance including troubleshooting information, problem diagnosis tools and downloads.
UniTech Solutions USA will provide a repair service only if it has been established that the problem cannot be solved by recommended troubleshooting procedures.

Customer Data & Data Loss
UniTech Solutions USA recommends regular backup of data. In cases where a hard drive failure is detected,the hard drive will be replaced with listed service charges with or without backing up the data. Customer data stored on the defective hard drive will be lost if the hard drive is replaced.
Data Loss:
The customer is responsible for the security, backup & reinstallation of their data at all times. UniTech Solutions USA accepts no liability for loss of software and data.